Evening intel: flying taxis, Oprah’s video game, and emoji domain names

• Airbus is planning for autonomous electric planes to ferry commuters around cities. The vertical take-off and landing vehicles will be like Uber of the skies.

• Oprah Winfrey has launched her fist mobile video game, called Bold Moves. A mix of Candy Crush and Wheel of Fortune, it’s a match-three game based on the nuggets of wisdom Oprah has imparted over the years.

• Google Home, the search giant’s competitor to the Amazon Echo AI-powered speaker, debuts Friday, and most reviews are fairly positive, though they note that it still has a way to go.

• The Obama administration announced plans to establish 25,000 miles of electric car charging stations, placed about 50 miles apart, covering 35 U.S. States.

• Trump TV on the horizon? A self-described “up-and-coming” conservative news network has put out a casting call, but Trump has said he is not interested in launching a media empire.

• Time Inc, the world’s largest magazine publisher, saw print advertising revenue fall nearly 10%, according to its third-quarter earnings report, and newsstand sales dropped 21%. Subscriptions—both paper and online—are also down. But digital ad revenue is up 63%, mainly thanks to the purchase of Viant, which owns several ad tech and media companies, including Myspace.

• GoDaddy has introduced a service that allows you to register an emoji-based domain name. Browsers automatically convert emoji to ASCII text. They would see the ❤❤❤.com as the less-catchy URL