Perch, a shop that pimps your workspace, launches today

Lucy Lyle felt there was a void in the workspace decor market. She found that it was hard to find high-quality products that adorn your home office or desk at work. “We spend the majority of our lives at the office, but it’s so hard to make that space personal and beautiful,” Lyle says. 

So today, she’s launching a new online store called Perch that curates high-quality, affordable workspace products like hand-cut agate bookends, vintage staplers, and wall art. In addition to product pages, the website has pictures of shoppable images of workspaces for inspiration.

Among her early investors are Neil Parikh, founder of Casper; Brian Spaly, founder of Bonobos and Trunk Club; Hayley Barna, cofounder of Birchbox; and Bre Pettis, founder of Makerbot.