Some people voting for Donald Trump are “afraid of the browning of America,” says Cher

Less than a week before the election, Cher had some harsh words for the Republican presidential nominee, calling him a terrifying force in American politics who built a campaign by stoking the fears and anger of struggling white voters. 

“I think what Trump means is not ‘Let’s make America great again’—it’s ‘Let’s make America white again,'” the 70-year-old pop icon said today at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York. 

Of Trump’s supporters, she said, “Some of these people are afraid of the browning of America, which I think is a fabulous thing.”

Speaking with Co.Design’s Doreen Lorenzo, Cher threw her vigorous support behind Hillary Clinton, saying the reality of a woman president is not something she could have ever imagined as a child. She now worries that Trump supporters are letting their anger get the better of them without thinking through the true ramifications of a Trump presidency.

“They’re so angry that they want to blow everything up, but they don’t realize that what will come afterwards will be devastating,” she said.

[Photo: Rich Bellis]CZ