Uber’s redesigning their app

Uber is beginning a rollout of a redesigned version of its iOS and Android apps. The new app is designed to cut down on the time it takes to hail a ride and makes it easier for drivers to find their fare’s exact location.

According to a blog post by Uber’s Yuhki Yamashita: 

“The new Uber app learns from your routines. So if you’re a frequent rider you’ll see ‘shortcuts’ that predict where you could be headed. This means you can get moving with just one tap. Soon you’ll also be able to connect your calendar with Uber. Once you connect, your meetings and appointments will automatically appear as ‘shortcuts,’ saving you the hassle of digging through another app to find the right address.”

Other features include automatic recommendations for nearby pickup points, the ability to visit a friend’s physical location rather than entering in the address of a destination, and estimated time of arrival for trips. 

Rollout of the new app will take place over the next several weeks.NU