Morning Intel: Apple puts kibosh on “Vigilante” app, virtual reality blows up, Airbnb wins one

• Vigilantism? There’s no longer an app for that. Apple has yanked the “Vigilante” app from its app store. The tool encouraged users to shoot footage of local crimes. Safety concerns are believed to have motivated the move.

• Just how big is the coming boom in all things virtual reality? $38 billion big by 2026, suggests forecasts by Greenlight Insights and Road to VR. Growth in VR will remain modest for the next few years but explode starting around 2020. Fast Company has the report.

• Well, it’s official. In case you haven’t guessed it from the seas of humanity walking around with their noses stuck in their cellphones, most people now access the internet via mobile devices, instead of a desktop computer. A StatCounter study breaks down the numbers.

• A federal judge has ruled that Airbnb can’t be sued by Gregory Selden, an African American who accused his host of racial discrimination, because the company’s user agreement requires disputes to be settled in arbitration. As a result, the company likely avoided a massive class-action lawsuit by other customers.J