Evening intel: “Fast” times and the battle over voting-booth selfies

• The 2016 Fast Company Innovation Festival kicked off today and there was no shortage of fireworks, including an impassioned Pepsi protest and a defiant defense of pro-refugee hiring practices. Oh, and Karlie Kloss may have thrown some shade at tech archetype Mark Zuckerberg.

• Free-speech advocates on both coasts are fighting laws that prohibit voters from taking smartphone photos in election booths. In California, the ACLU has sued over a recently passed ban on so-called ballot selfies. And at a hearing in New York today over a similar ban, one lawyer referred to the whole picture-taking thing as a “fad.”  

• Speaking of selfies and fads, Instagram said today it is launching a new shoppable post” experience and will test the service out with 20 U.S. retailers next week.

• And finally, stock prices fell to their lowest point since July over increasing uncertainty surrounding next week’s presidential election. Hillary Clinton had looked to be a shoo-in, but Donald Trump is gaining in the home stretch and even slightly ahead in some polls.CZ