It’s not quite an AMA, but here’s how to ask Peter Thiel questions about Trump and Gawker

Legendary investor Peter Thiel, who has attracted controversy with his vocal support for Donald Trump and legal campaign to destroy Gawker, is hitting the road to explain his positions. On Saturday, Thiel told the New York Times that he’s able to separate Trump’s offensive behavior and comments from his positions: “The millions of people who vote for Trump are not doing it because of the worst things he said or did. That’s ridiculous. The Americans who are voting for Trump are doing it because they judge the situation of the country to be urgent. We’re at such a crucial point that you have to overlook personal characteristics.”

Thiel will also explain his position in a speech and Q&A at the National Press Club at 11 a.m. (EST) on Monday morning, which seems like an especially ironic choice of venue considering his attack on Gawker. He told the NYT: “Ideally, this will have the give-and-take of debate. Obviously, I’ll get some very tough questions about Trump. But I thought the best way to advance the discussion was not to have some completely contrived format. The future of this country depends on us engaging with the tough questions.”

Have a question for Thiel? (Of course, you do.) Just send them to before 9 a.m. on Monday (type THIEL in the subject line). Questions can also be sent during the live event via @QNPCLunch on Twitter.