What Tim Cook said about putting touch screens on laptops in 2013

At an Apple press event in 2013, Cook stood in front of a slide of a road sign with a tangle of black road. He was talking about his competitors in the personal computer market, like Microsoft.

“The competition is different . . . they are confused,” Cook said. “They chased after netbooks. Now they are trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs . . . “

Well, the only way to turn a PC into a tablet is by giving it a touch screen. And Apple did just that by adding the Touch Bar to the new MacBook Pros announced yesterday. It could go further and add a full-on touch screen to Macs in the future. Cook continued:

“Who knows what they’ll do next.”

Microsoft answered that question this week when it got so confused that it introduced a desktop PC (the Surface Studio) with a touch screen display.MS