Evening intel: Mac attack, GE’s big bet, hacker gets jail time for nude photo heist

• A day after Microsoft set the world ablaze with its much-hyped Surface product launch, Apple (remember them?) struck back by unveiling some shiny new MacBooks Pros.

• A hacker who stole nude photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton is getting 18 months in prison. H/T Variety.

General Electric is in talks to buy the industrial-services company Baker Hughes Inc., according to those chatty “people familiar with the matter” who always seem to talk to the Wall Street Journal. The acquisition would be GE‘s biggest ever, WSJ reports.

• Alphabet investors are a little concerned about what Google‘s business model will look like—or sound like, rather—as the company shifts to voice-based services.

• And finally, what do fossilized dinosaur brains actually look like? See for yourself.CZ