Would you want to see tweets from only Republicans or only Democrats?

That’s one thing Twitter proposed during its Q3 earnings call this morning. CFO Anthony Noto said Twitter could further customize the stream of tweets that accompanies its live streams; when airing NFL games, for example, he said Twitter could eventually offer curated timelines based on which team a user is rooting for. 

This customization could also apply to debates, he said. (Whether Twitter will still be around in its current form four years from now, during the next presidential debates … well, that’s another question.) Interestingly, when asked by an investor if the debates have led to more engagement on Twitter, Noto revealed they had “no noticeable impact” on Twitter’s overall metrics: 

We did benefit meaningfully on the particular days that we had the live debates and integrated product of that curated timeline . . . [but] we really need to have a debate every day on Twitter for it to meaningfully improve our metrics on a quarterly basis. And that’s where we’re headed.