1Atelier comes out of beta, aims to disrupt the luxury handbag market

Over the summer, I reported on 1Atelier, a brand that is trying to change the bespoke luxury market with a website that allows customers to design every aspect of a bag from scratch and receive their handmade product in 21 days. The platform allows it to offer 5,365,902,467,368,128 different bag combinations, ensuring that every person who shops on the site will get a one-of-a-kind product. Prices range from $295-$7,380.

When I was writing the story, the company was still putting the finishing touches on the technology and website, but today it comes out of beta. Its early customers have offered feedback, but over 25% enjoyed the product so much that they became repeat customers. 

1Atelier recently received $1.5 million in angel funding with the goal of refining the technology. It plans to launch men’s products shortly and has already created a unisex backpack. It is also introducing new materials, including Nappa leather, to its existing collection of skins.