Microsoft Windows 10 Update focuses on blending real life and virtual environments

“Our content is no longer confined to a digital or physical form” says Megan Saunders, a Microsoft Windows program manager. That was one of the main themes behind Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update event in New York. The company introduced a lot of tools for augmented reality and virtual reality, all of which will slowly but surely push users from the PC desktop to the HoloLens’s virtual work environment. Here’s a list of some of the highlights of the new OS. 

• Microsoft made a major update to the long stagnant app Paint. You can now build 3D objects in Paint, which can be exported to a virtual environment inside Hololens.

• In the Windows 10 update, content created on the PC will be easily accessible on Window’s other devices. The company is trying to further blend the space between real life and virtual worlds.

Standalone virtual reality headsets will start at $299. Six-degree tracking means you don’t need a special room to use them, but they are still wired.

Gamers out there get a special broadcasting and social update. Through an integration with Beam, gamers will be able to instantly broadcast as they’re playing on either Xbox or PC. You’ll also be able to create tournaments.