Designers and city planners converge in NYC to discuss the worst train station in the world

Nothing unifies Northeasterners more than their shared hatred of Penn Station. The unsightly midtown Manhattan transit hub is an aesthetic and logistical mess, from its cavernous underground design to its mysterious stench. 

Now a group of artists, urban planners, and architects are meeting for a two-part “public summit” to discuss the station and what can be done about it. The first part, on Oct. 25, will look at the station’s legacy. (The destruction of the original station in 1963 kicked off the modern preservation movement.) The second part, on Nov. 2, will focus on the future of the station. (New York’s governor has proposed moving it to a grander building across the street.) 

Either way, something has to happen. Read more about the summit here.

[Photo: Flickr user Peter Dutton]CZ