• 10.19.16

Tesla’s new autopilot is “a supercomputer in a car,” says Elon Musk

Wednesday evening Tesla founder Elon Musk announced a new autopilot suite that will come standard in all new Tesla vehicles going forward, including the Model 3 expected to start shipping for the first time next year.

The enhanced system goes from one camera to eight, providing 360-degree coverage around the car. Three of the new cameras are forward cameras that provide redundancy to eliminate blind spots.

A new onboard computer in the vehicle offers 40 times the computing power of the previous generation of the computer and is capable of completing 12 trillion operations per second.

During the press conference, Musk described the system as “basically a supercomputer in a car.”

Model S and Model X vehicles with this new hardware are already in production, and are available for purchase today.EP