• 10.17.16

Gridlock can suck less: Uber drones taunt Mexico City drivers

One of the worst things about driving in heavy traffic is that you have to be focused on the road, and can’t just sit back and zone out on what’s out your window.

That’s the premise of an unusual UberPool ad campaign that literally buzzed above Mexico City drivers’ heads.

According to Technology Review, Uber sent out drones—DJI Inspires, judging by photos in the story—to taunt drivers in the Mexican capital’s gridlock with signs saying things like “Driving by yourself? This is why you can never see the volcanoes.”

With UberPool, the idea goes, drivers could chill out even as they’re stuck in nightmarish traffic. And maybe there’d be a few less cars.

An Uber spokesperson told Fast Company the campaign took place for a couple hours a couple of months ago and hasn’t been repeated.