• 10.17.16

Morning intel: Tesla and Panasonic team up

Samsung reportedly tasked an in-house lab with testing the batteries in its Galaxy Note 7, according to the WSJ. This is not true of other phone makers like Apple, which uses third parties to do battery testing. 

• The cryptic announcement that Tesla had slated for today has been pushed out to Wednesday. Elon Musk tweeted that it “needs a few more days of refinement.” 

• In other Tesla news: Assuming its acquisition of SolarCity gets the green light, Tesla and Panasonic will collaborate on building photovoltaic cells and modules for solar energy systems. 

Peter Thiel, one of Donald Trump’s sole supporters in Silicon Valley, has decided to donate $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign, the New York Times reported this weekend. For comparison: Thiel’s donation is more than four times the total amount of money ($299,000) Trump has received thus far from Silicon Valley. 

• During the White House Frontiers Conference last week, Obama reminded Silicon Valley types that “government will never run the way Silicon Valley runs because, by definition, democracy is messy.” Read more

• Coming up today: Netflix releases its Q3 earnings results. We’re expecting an increase in international subscriber growth and original content. PM