• 10.14.16

Evening intel: No love for Twitter, more Trump accusers, eBay touts its record on gender pay  

 • Summer Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice, became the latest woman to come forward and accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Zervos says Trump aggressively kissed her and touched her breast in 2006. NPR now has a running list of Trump accusers. 

• In Kansas, three men are facing domestic terrorism charges for allegedly plotting to bomb an apartment complex and mosque occupied by Somali refugees

A Bloomberg investigation found that at least 1.4 million people could lose their health plans through the Obamacare marketplace next year after two insurance giants withdraw from the program.

• A bunch of potential suiters have already backed off Twitter Inc., and now Salesforce is doing the same. “It’s not a good fit,” goes the excuse.

• Women at eBay make as much as money as men in equivalent positions, says eBay. 

• Finally, you’re officially not allowed to get on an airplane anywhere in the United States if you’re carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone. The DOT has banned the explosion-prone devices.CZ