Morning intel: Galaxy Note 7 costs Samsung $3 billion, Google News highlights fact checks

• This couldn’t have been timed better: Google has introduced a fact-check feature, which will now appear as a label in Google News search results. 

• 23andMe wants to diversify medical research and learn more about the slave trade with a new initiative called the African Genetics Project. The company is looking for people who hail from—or whose parents hail from from—specific countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

• Those recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones are expected to cost Samsung more than $3 billion in operating profit over the next two quarters. 

Mark Zuckerberg needs your help to choose the voice of Jarvis, the AI home assistant he’s been working on. Robert Downey Jr. has already stepped up to the plate.

• Maven, the car-sharing rental service from General Motors, is finally rolling out in San Francisco, its ninth market since launching at the start of the year.

• ICYMI: Here’s the stellar response New York Times lawyer David McCraw gave to Donald Trump’s lawyer, who had requested that the Times retract an article in which two women accused Trump of sexual harassment. PM