Omada Health: We have the data to show we can reduce diabetes risk among seniors 

Omada Health, the startup with a digitally administered diabetes prevention program, published a study today showing that its virtual offering could help overweight and obese seniors lose weight. The study, which is the company’s fifth peer-reviewed publication, found: 

* Six months after beginning the Omada program, 89.5% of the 1,121 people participating in the study completed at least nine of 16 lessons.

* Twenty-six weeks after beginning the Omada Program, average weight loss for those who completed the program was 7.3%, while the average weight loss for all participants was 6.8%.

The company estimates that the health system could save $1,770 per participant over three years, if they continued to adhere to the program. Omada is one of the companies that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognized as meeting evidence-based standards, which is key to getting reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid patients.