• 10.13.16

Morning intel: New York regulators rule against Uber, Samsung offers $100 credit for Galaxy Note 7

• After the New York Times published accounts from two women accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment, he denounced the paper (for the millionth time) and threatened to sue. His campaign called the report a “completely false, coordinated character assassination.”

New York regulators just ruled that two ex-Uber drivers are eligible to receive unemployment payments and should be considered employees rather than contractors. The ruling affects only the drivers in question—whether it will eventually lead to other drivers in the state being categorized as employees remains to be seen. 

Samsung is offering a $100 credit to customers who want to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 for another Samsung device; those who want to switch to Apple or some other brand will only receive $25. Customers can also receive a full refund and pay out of pocket for a new one. 

• After multiple people said Soylent’s new meal replacement bars induced “intense vomiting,” the company has stopped selling them and has recommended that people throw away any bars that have already been purchased. 

• Former Etsy CTO Kellan Elliott-McCrea is joining the prescription medication marketplace Blink Health, where he will head up the engineering team as SVP.PM