• 10.12.16

Evening intel: Twitter autoplay blues, Snapchat picks Morgan Stanley, “Fakebook” strikes again 

• More and more Twitter desktop users are noticing the new “Live Video” widget popping up on the side of their screens. I first noticed it during the second presidential debate on Sunday (which Twitter streamed live) and have been seeing more tweets by users annoyed over the autoplaying videos. 

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will reportedly take the reins of Snapchat’s highly anticipated IPO in March. 

• Fake news is still running rampant on Facebook months after the social networking giant fired its human curators, according to a Washington Post investigation.

• Abercrombie & Fitch is trying out a cute new marketing strategy to try to appeal to Gen Z. 

• John Stumpf, CEO and co-chairman of Wells Fargo, is finally stepping down in the wake of the fake-account scandal that was said to be the result of the bank’s punishing corporate culture. 

• And WikiLeaks dumped its latest batch of Clinton campaign emails. Among the new revelations: A Clinton-friendly reporter expressed serious dismay over the wave of money-related stories that were appearing in the media. In an urgent message to campaign chair John Podesta, Clinton supporter Brent Budowsky worried that the bad press could derail her bid for the White House.CZ