• 10.12.16

Drone delivery would be great, consumers say, as soon as drones crash less

The U.S. Postal Service, always an organization at the cutting edge of technology—okay, maybe that’s a biiiit of a stretch—wondered how Americans felt about the idea of mail delivery by drone, first popularized by Amazon in 2013. So it did what anyone would do: It conducted a big ol’ survey.

The results are in, and guess what? Americans are pretty drone-delivery curious. 

The study is super long and covers a whole lot of territory, but here’s the major takeaways: A plurality (44%) of us like the idea of drone delivery, and 75% of Americans think their packages will be arriving by air within five years. But a plurality (37%) also fear that drones aren’t malfunction-free enough yet (read: safe) to be plying our skies with our most precious mail.

Read the whole report here.