• 10.12.16

In a survey of Silicon Valley execs, 40% of them say they own a robot

For its November issue, the Atlantic surveyed more than 50 Silicon Valley execs and entrepreneurs on innovation, their personal beliefs and the presidential election. “I’d even take a poorly written PHP script over Trump,” says Double Robotics CEO David Cann. He was just one of the 88% surveyed who said they will vote for Hillary Clinton, while 7% remain undecided and 5% want neither candidate.  Other findings:

• 40% of them own a robot 

• 31% of them cited Facebook as the tech company with the best reputation as a place for women to work (Google/Alphabet came in second)

• 56% said investor Peter Thiel’s endorsement of Trump was worse than his legal assault on Gawker, which helped shutter the site.

• 78% sided with Apple in its encryption battle with the FBI.

• 69% of them said they drive a Tesla.MB