• 10.10.16

MeUndies launches a new underwear-of-the-month club

Even grown men and women want to have Halloween undies in October and Christmas undies in December. 

Here at Fast Company, we’ve been keep tabs on the boom in online underwear brands. The newest trend: underwear-of-the-month.

MeUndies‘ monthly subscription program has been a hit, with subscriber growth of more than 188% over the last year. The company just launched a new program that allows subscribers to have a more customized experience. They can now choose from one of three aesthetics: classic, bold, or adventurous. 

This means the brand will also start churning out a new print every week, rather than every month, to keep up with the diverse range of looks. The plans start at $16 per month for men, and $14 per month for women.