• 10.09.16

Despite complaints, Trump got more talking time in the debate than Hillary

Trump complained again and again to the moderators at tonight’s presidential debate that Hillary Clinton was being allowed more time to speak. “Why don’t you interrupt her?” he said at one point. 

“She just went about 25 second over her time,” Trump said. “Could I just respond to this, please?” Then there was this exchange:

Moderator Martha Raddatz: “Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump — I want to get to audience questions and online questions.”
Donald Trump: “So, she’s allowed to do that, but I’m not allowed to respond. Sounds fair.”

But when the dust had cleared, Trump spoke for 40 minutes and 10 seconds, while Clinton spoke for 39:05.

Trump’s complaints were brought on, at least in part, by a far tougher moderating style than that seen in the first 2016 presidential debate September 26th, and in presidential debates past. Raddatz and her partner Anderson Cooper aggressively silenced the candidates (mainly Trump) on a number of occasions in an effort to balance speaking time (mission accomplished) and to get to more questions from the live audience in the “town hall” format. 

Still, the second presidential debate was a bit of a cage fight, with numerous personal attacks taking flight during the evening. The debate opened with questions about Friday’s Washington Post release of recordings of Trump speaking disparagingly of woman. This set a nasty tone that never quite went away during the 90-minute debate. MS