• 10.09.16

When Clinton unloads on Trump over “locker room” talk, he dodges and then attacks Bill

It got heated right from the start, with questions about the biggest story of the last 48 hours conveniently front-loaded into the second presidential debate. Hillary Clinton was quick to point out that the tape released by the Washington Post of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women shows that he is unfit to be president, as she’s been saying for months during the campaign. 

“It’s just words, folks,” Trump responded. “I heard this when she was running for the Senate in New York, she said she was going to bring back jobs to the inner cities in New York, she failed . . .”  

But the moderator Martha Raddatz quickly put Trump back on the point, calling the Washington Post story the most talked-about story in the 2016 campaign. So Trump quickly pivoted to talking about Bill Clinton‘s exploits while in the White House. 

“Mine were words,” Trump said, “His were actions—there’s never been anyone more abusive to women in the history of politics.” And he pointed out that the four women who claim they were assaulted by Bill Clinton (which he has vigorously denied) are sitting in the audience for the debate.

“He was impeached and lost his license to practice law,” Trump said of Clinton.

Trump said he apologized about the “words” used in the Washington Post recordings and stressed that he did not assault any women.MS