• 10.07.16

Morning intel: Snapchat gears up for IPO, Verizon gets cold feet

• Though it was downgraded to a Category 3 storm this morning, Hurricane Matthew has already taken the lives of 280 people and is still considered “extremely dangerous,” officials say. 

• Following news of the Yahoo hack, Verizon is reportedly wary about moving forward with the $4.8 billion acquisition and is seeking a $1 billion discount, according to the New York Post

• Wondering why Palmer Luckey is conspicuously absent from this week’s Oculus Connect 3 conference? Turns out Luckey didn’t want to be a “distraction,” in light of the news that he funded a pro-Trump, anti-Clinton group. Catch up on the latest from the Oculus conference.

• Snapchat—now dubbed Snap, upon the release of its first hardware outing, Spectacles—is reportedly looking to go public in the coming months, perhaps as soon as March. The IPO could value Snap at more than $25 billion.

• Coming up: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off again this Sunday during the second presidential debate, which will follow a town-hall-style format. PM