• 10.06.16

Palmer Luckey avoided Oculus conference so he wasn’t a “distraction,” but distracts anyway

Palmer Luckey didn’t get fired, but he didn’t want to be a “distraction,” so he skipped Oculus’s big developers conference in San Jose.

That’s what Facebook-owned Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe told me just now, after adding that Luckey is very much still on board at the company he founded.

After it emerged that Luckey had been funding an anti-Hillary Clinton “shitposting” operation, there was lots of speculation about his future at Oculus–and in particular if he’d show his face at Oculus Connect— in part because other than his own apologetic Facebook post, and two supportive Facebook posts from Oculus execs, Facebook has been totally radio silent on the situation.

There was plenty of news that’s come out of Oculus Connect, but Luckey’s absence was a big topic of conversation.