• 10.06.16

Asian American journalists invite Fox News to Chinatown town hall after offensive “O’Reilly Factor” segment

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has declined an invitation to appear on Fox News after the organization demanded an apology for a racist man-on-the-street segment that aired on The O’Reilly Factor. Instead, the AAJA proposed that Fox News staffers join a live town hall discussion in Chinatown this Sunday.

“We believe meaningful engagement can occur only if there is significant dialogue not just with us, but with the broader community,” AAJA wrote in a statement. 

The segment, which aired Monday night, was framed as a “report” on how Chinese Americans feel about the upcoming election. O’Reilly dubbed it “gentle fun,” but it most certainly was not: 

The segment was deeply offensive—one might call it a flaming pile of garbage—and trafficked in racist stereotypes about the Asian American community, despite attempts made by host Jesse Watters to pass it off as “political humor.”