• 10.05.16

Morning intel: VP debate isn’t a complete snore, Snowden on Yahoo spy scandal, how to Daydream

The vice-presidential debate wasn’t a complete snore, it turns out: Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine traded insults on which campaign has been more insulting, Pence took strikingly different stances from Donald Trump on Syria and Russian president Vladimir Putin; some intrepid Clinton/Kaine supporter turned the meme of the night into a tool that promotes the campaign; they politely acknowledged how their religious faith informs their policy positions; and they were both overshadowed by the vicious Twitter war at the top of the ticket.

• In the wake of the explosive story that Yahoo might have cooperated with U.S. intelligence agencies and scanned all of their users’ email, cybersecurity experts including Edward Snowden have a simple message: Stop using Yahoo!

Google‘s big hardware event yesterday was dominated by its new Pixel smartphone and Google Home personal assistant but much of the buzz swirled around Daydream, its VR platform. Fast Company‘s Daniel Terdiman delved deep into the company-wide effort that went into creating Daydream.

• Twitter, the wimpy kid who talks a mile a minute, is hearing buyout bids this week. Reportedly among its suitors: Salesforce, Disney, and Google.

Girls Who Code is launching Loop, a social network for its 40,000 alumni.

• And a firm backed by the Chinese government is developing the world’s biggest spaceplane to take up to 20 passengers to the edge of space.MB