• 10.04.16

Elaine Quijano, a second-generation immigrant, set to make history as moderator of tonight’s VP debate

Neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump took the chance to buck the “white male” trend in selecting their running mates for the current presidential election—Clinton passed over fan-favorite Elizabeth Warren, likely in fear of alienating male voters, and former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort actually said once that selecting a woman or person of color would be “pandering.”

However, the moderator of tonight’s VP debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence, however will be adding a bit more diversity into the mix. In fact, Elaine Quijano, a journalist for CBS, will make history as the first Asian-American person to moderate a general-election debate. Here are a few other interesting facts about Quijano’s background:

• She was born and grew up in Chicago, after her mother immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines.

• At age 42, she is the youngest journalist to moderate a general election debate since 1988.

• As an anchor for CBSN, CBS’s 24-hour news operation, Quijano is reportedly the first general election moderator from a primarily digital network.

• To preserve her impartiality, Quijano has not tweeted since Sept. 2, when she was announced as debate moderator.

• As a CNN correspondent, she extensively covered President George W. Bush’s failed push for immigration reform.

In an election where one presidential candidate has promised to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican order to keep out illegal immigrants—and whose running mate has come under fire for refusing Syrian refugees after accepting government funds to accommodate them—Quijano seems well-prepared to press either candidate on viable solutions to the immigration discussion.JJM