Morning intel: Microsoft zeroes in on AI, FCC expands scope of emergency alerts

• The Rosetta spacecraft ended its pursuit of Comet 67P today, when it landed on the comet after a mission spanning 12 years. Read more and check out the images Rosetta snapped.

• Microsoft is restructuring to bulk up its AI research: The company is combining its research group with the division responsible for Bing and Cortana, creating a 5,000-person team focused on artificial intelligence research. 

• Yesterday, the FCC put off voting on a proposal to make set-top boxes optional. But one thing the FCC did vote in favor of was to increase the length of emergency alerts to 360 characters, as well as include embedded phone numbers and links to photos. 

• Volvo is setting up a self-driving car R&D center in Silicon Valley, where it will station 70 engineers, according to BuzzFeed News.

• Google’s suite of enterprise apps—Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive—will now be referred to as the G Suite. Google is also introducing enterprise-focused updates like Team Drives, a collaborative take on Google Drive.

• Following the NJ Transit train crash yesterday—which killed one person and injured about 100—New Jersey’s Hoboken station is still not operational. The cause of the crash is still unclear, though officials are not reporting any more fatalities. PM