Too late for Shaq, but VR may help NBA stars shoot better free throws

If you’re a basketball fan, you know all too well the sickening feeling when your favorite hoops stars simply can’t hit a free throw.

Clank. Clank. Clank. The ineptitude, a sad feature of numerous players, from DeAndre Jordan to Andrew Bogut to Andre Drummond, leads opposing teams to foul them because they know the likely outcome is missed shots at the charity stripe.

Well, Drummond, of the Detroit Pistons, wants to do better, and according to, he’s using virtual reality to improve.

“Drummond puts on a headset and watches himself making free throws,” wrote. “He can choose a first-person view, where he hears the basketball hitting the court as he dribbles, then sees the ball go over his head, up and into the hoop. Or he can choose third-person perspectives and watch his technique from various angles.”

Detroit isn’t the only team that’s used VR. The Golden State Warriors turned to the technology in their bid to land free-agent superstar Kevin Durant last summer.DT