DJI launches a selfie drone called the Mavic Pro

Drone maker DJI debuted a new model today aimed at capturing aerial selfies. The new device follows a trend of making drone technology more accessible to consumers who are interested in flying cameras, but don’t want to invest in big, expensive drones. 

The small drone (about a third the size of a sheet of paper, according to Michael Perry, the company’s director of strategic partnerships,) folds up and is much easier to carry around than DJI’s previous devices. 

The Mavic Pro features human tracking and gesture control to take pictures. Like other DJI devices, it has collision avoidance and a 4K, 12 megapixel camera. The drone will able to stay in flight for 27 minutes before needing a recharge.

The company also revealed the DJI goggles, a viewing headset that’s supposed to give users “that immersive flight feeling,” says Perry.  Two headsets can be bound to one drone, so friends can have the drone perspective at the same time. 

The new device will  start shipping in mid October with an in-store experience coming to Apple stores on  November 2. The Maverick Pro will start at $749, using DJI Go platform to navigate the drone. The drone plus remote control will go for $999 and the company will sell a bundle including the Mavic Pro, extra propellers, carrying case, and charging hub for $1,299.