Who won the first presidential debate? Hillary Clinton has edge over Donald Trump in early polls

No sooner did the Clinton/Trump debate end that the polls started rolling in. So far, the former secretary of state has the edge, with viewers saying Clinton seemed more “prepared” and “measured” than her GOP opponent.

It’s not a slam dunk yet, but here are some early results:

A CNN/ORC poll of debate viewers found: Clinton 62%/Trump 27%. 

A Public Policy Polling survey, sponsored by VoteVets Action Fund, found: Clinton 51%/Trump 40%. 

A 22-person focus group from Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster, found: Clinton 16/Trump 6.

A CNN panel of undecided voters found: Clinton 18/Trump 2.

But an NBC Nightly News poll found different results: Trump 51%/Clinton 49%.

More to come.