Stories to read this weekend

• The New York Times’s BlackRock story from last weekend has one of the best interview moments I’ve read in a long time. – Ainsley O’Connell, “At BlackRock, Shaping the Shifts in Power” 

 “So Is Writing A Job or Not?” (The Awl, recommended by Claire Dodson)

• “How the FDA Manipulates the Media” (Scientific American, recommended by Cale Weissman)

• Denis Johnson, who wrote the short classic Jesus’s Son, wrote a ton of long-form journalism in the 1990s, and this book collects it. Among the amazing pieces is one about traveling to Liberia for the New Yorker to interview the dictator Robert Johnson. But he never gets to meet Johnson, The New Yorker kills the piece, and he recounts the whole ordeal in Harper’s. Is like “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” except Frank Sinatra is a mass murderer. There’s also this beautiful essay about doing drugs for the first time in 30 years (Johnson’s addict years were fodder for Jesus’s Son), in which he describes mushrooms as “Bugs Bunny shooting you in the head with a rainbow.” It’s pretty wonderful. Highly recommended. — Cliff KuangSeek: Reports from the Edges of America & Beyond

[La Lecture au Cafe, by Alexandre-Auguste Hannotiau]MB