We asked top advertising execs what they thought of Hillary Clinton’s newest ad

Yesterday, the Hillary Clinton campaign launched a new commercial that edited together images of young girls looking in the mirror, with quotes and video of Donald Trump talking about women, then asking if Trump is the president we want for our daughters. 

We decided to ask advertising executives what they thought of the commercial as a piece of marketing. 

Keith Cartwright, executive creative director at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners: “It’s not about policy. It’s about morality, which I think is her biggest play against Trump. To hit his character stretches her campaign beyond party lines allowing Hillary to speak to her base while attracting the undecided. This ad plays to that huge contingency of voters who struggle with whether or not Donald Trump has the moral fiber to represent our country as president. It may be her best ad to date. “

Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners: “This is powerful because it’s scary. As a mother, I never want my son to speak about women that way and I would never want my daughter to question the way she looks. For anyone who cares about kids, which is everyone, this ad should stop them from making a big mistake in November.”JB