Oculus founder Palmer Luckey dates a GamerGater IRL

There is no doubt that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey can say what he wants and date who he wants.

But in the wake of revelations yesterday that Luckey–who became insanely wealthy after selling his company to Facebook in 2014–has allegedly been funding a pro-Trump, anti-Clinton meme operation, much of the largely anti-Trump tech world is up in arms. 

Surely, then, it won’t help his image that, according to Gizmodo, Luckey’s longtime girlfriend is a GamerGater

Her “social media accounts are rife with GamerGate support posts,” Gizmodo wrote. “She frequently shit-talks feminist Anita Sarkeesian, mocks [social-justice warriors] and tweets pictures of herself at Trump events.”

Again, people can do and say what they want. But they can’t be shocked when other people get upset at their actions. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now. The question is: Will all of this hurt Oculus’ business?DT