This publisher you’ve never heard of is now the second biggest on Facebook

It’s called Little Things, and it’s the feel-good viral sensation du jour. According to NewsWhip, which measures social media metrics, the brand was the second most engaged publisher on Facebook last month, with 26.07 million likes, shares, comments, and reactions. 

That puts Little Things just behind the Huffington Post, which had 26.13 million. Even more astounding is that Little Things is only two years old. Last month it didn’t even place in the top 10. 

A quick, very unscientific poll of some media folks I know revealed that people kind of know what Little Things is, but only have a vague awareness of the brand. So what is it? 

In short, it’s a social-first publisher that focuses on sharing short videos and stories of the inspiring and curious variety. (Sample headline: “Mom Spots Trash Bag ‘Walking’ In The Road, Then Rips It Open To Find A Dog Who’s Very Much Alive.”) 

The publisher is definitely having a moment. According to NewsWhip, it increased engagements by 15 million last month. But then again, Facebook’s algorithm tweaks have a way of letting the air out of its star pupils. Upworthy, whose traffic has fallen significantly since Facebook started to clamp down on so-called clickbait in 2014, is a prime example—and a cautionary tale.