What to do if your Yahoo account was hacked

If you’re one of the 500 million Yahoo users whose account information was stolen by an unidentified “state-sponsored” actor, here’s what you should do: 

Change your password immediately. This is always the first thing you should do in the event of a potential breach. Not only should you change your Yahoo password, but you should update passwords on any service for which you use similar passwords. (We all do it.) Yahoo says there is no evidence so far that unprotected passwords or credit card information were part of the stolen data, but there is no need to take chances. The company is working with law enforcement in an ongoing investigation.

Watch what you say on social media and other public forums. This is good advice from security experts interviewed by Recode. Astute hackers may monitor your social media accounts for clues about you—hoping to guess your password or the answer to one of your secret questions.

Wait for an email from Yahoo and await further instructions. Per the Wall Street Journal, the company says it will be contacting potentially affected users. It also says it has already taken steps to secure hacked accounts. The stolen information, according to the Journal, includes user names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and even answers to security questions.

[Photo courtesy of Pixabay]CZ