Trump calls for expanded use of “stop and frisk,” police tactic ruled excessive and unconstitutional

When he was asked during a Fox News town hall today about violence in the black community Donald Trump called for expanded use of “stop and frisk,” adding that it worked “incredibly well” in New York City. That’s the controversial police tactic that empowers law enforcement to stop and search practically anyone they consider suspicious.

The only problem is that the tactic was ruled excessive and unconstitutional by a federal court in 2013. And the tactic, which has been criticized for disproportionately targeting minority groups, isn’t as successful as claimed by Trump: Even after it ended in 2013, crime continued to go down in New York City. Though homicide rates increased in 2015, that uptick is considered by experts to be an anomaly.

This chart, based on NYPD statistics, shows the lack of impact that the end of stop-and-frisk has had on the crime rate in New York City, via the Brennan Center for Justice: