Jack Dorsey responds to question about why anti-Semitic tweets aren’t taken down

People have long complained about racist, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic content on Twitter and the social media platform’s lack of clarity on its policy for dealing with such vitriol. When New York Times editor Jon Weisman was inundated last June with vicious anti-Semitic tweets, at least one of which depicted his face superimposed on someone in a Nazi concentration camp, he briefly quit Twitter in protest at what he claimed was its lack of response.

Well, sometimes when you go right to the top with your complaints, you get results. Last night, NYT reporter Binyamin Applebaum tweeted at Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, asking why it didn’t remove a vicious tweet that depicted Applebaum wearing a Star of David and kneeling in front of a gun-wielding ISIS terrorist.

This time, Jack responded, saying that the offending tweets had been removed, adding: “We have to go through a human review process. Working on both faster tech & product-based solutions.”