Strategies for women who keep getting stuck with “office housework”

This month, a new book called Feminist Fight Club hit bookstores, chock-full of advice for women in the workplace. While the author Jessica Bennett agrees that women have made great strides toward equality over the last few decades, she points out that the sexism today tends to be subtle, making it harder to tackle. She takes an evidence-based approach to understanding the problem, then provides useful strategies.

Take, for instance, the fact that women are often forced to do “office housework” like taking notes, running the company’s mentorship program, or planning holiday parties. Her ideas for avoiding these tasks includes:

• Just say no, or ask for something in return for your time

• If you can’t get out of it, clock your hours to explain how much time you spend on tasks that help the company but aren’t benefitting your career

• Do these tasks in high-traffic areas, so your colleagues can observe you

• Set up a rotation system so others have to do their part tooES