The guy who took the Skittles photo tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. is a refugee—and he’s pissed

The photo that Donald Trump, Jr. used to put refugees on blast was snapped, and copyrighted, by photographer David Kittos in 2007. In a bit of beautiful irony, Kittos is a refugee himself (and now a British citizen), who fled war-torn Cyprus at the tender age of six in 1974.

Kittos isn’t on Twitter, but his friends passed on the tip that his image was being used by the Trump campaign. As you might expect, he’s not at all happy about it.

“I have never put this image up for sale. This was not done with my permission, I don’t support Trump’s politics and I would never take his money to use it,” Kittos told the BBC. He added: 

I would like the Trump campaign to delete the image, but they are probably not interested in what I have to say. I was thinking about getting lawyers involved but I don’t know if I have the patience. “This isn’t about the money for me. They could have just bought a cheap image from a micro stock library. This is pure greed from them. I don’t think they care about my feelings. They should not be stealing an image full stop.

There hasn’t been a public apology from the Trump camp—and history tells us we shouldn’t expect one

In other news, some folks on Twitter have said they’ve found the three poisonous Skittles: