Matcha lovers rejoice: Panatea launches a portable instant matcha packet

This may not seem like a big deal to people unfamiliar with this highly-caffeinated Japanese beverage, but around the country, many Americans have replaced their morning coffee with matcha. The Sage Group forecasts that the sales of matcha products in North America will continue to grow 25% annually

The problem with matcha, though, is that it comes in powder form and needs to be whisked into water. Many companies sell special bowls and whisks for this express purpose. Panatea has developed a packet of ceremonial-grade matcha that dissolves in water without any mixing. “Some of our customers love the experience of whisking matcha as part of their morning routine,” Dave Mandelbaum, Panatea’s cofounder, tells Fast Company. “But many want to make it quickly or drink it on the go, so we developed a product to suit their lifestyles.”

The new product launches on their website today. 

[Image via Panatea]ES