Famed game designer Jane McGonigal, MoveOn, teaming up on anti-Trump game

As the presidential election draws tighter and tighter, it’s clear that turnout may well help determine if the next resident of the Oval Office is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

The folks at, a nonprofit that has been promoting liberal and progressive political causes and candidates for years, feel that one of the best ways to help Clinton win is to ramp up turnout among millennials. That’s why they’ve teamed up with Jane McGonigal, a famed game designer and author, on what, for the moment at least, is called Top Secret Election Game.

They aren’t sharing a lot of details about the project yet, but the idea is simple: Lure undecided millennials into the political process and hopefully create thousands of additional votes for Clinton in key swing states, which they say will make the difference in her White House prospects.

The game is expected to launch around October 10.DT