Apple’s Phil Schiller: Genomics will experience a “similar evolution” as consumer tech

Apple‘s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, joined his first and only board this summer. You might be surprised by his choice. 

He opted to work with a biotech company called Illumina for two reasons: His passion for science (Schiller was a systems analyst at Massachusetts General Hospital long before he joined Apple) and his belief that genomics will continue to have a major impact on human health. In his own words: 

We saw this cycle with computer tech. It used to be mainframes, then office equipment and now every phone, TV, car, and music player. They are all computers. I think that the whole category of gene sequencing is going through the potential of a similar evolution, where it moves from being in very few labs to natural business environments to medical institutions, hospitals, and eventually being the tech that we all use in our lives.

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[Photo: Stephen Lam/Getty Images]CF