Samsung has issued a video apology over the exploding Galaxy Note 7

The president and COO of Samsung USA, Tim Baxter, has issued a video apology to users on Samsung’s website. The apology was reportedly timed to coincide with the official U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall of the device, which prohibits the sale of Note 7s by U.S. Federal law, according to MacRumors. A transcript of part of Baxter’s video message is below:

“…we apologize, especially to those of you who were personally affected by this. To those of you who love the Note, the most loyal customers in our Samsung family, we appreciate your passion and your patience. We take seriously our responsibility to address your concerns about safety. And we work every day to earn back your trust, through a number of unprecedented actions and with the extraordinary support of our carrier partners, suppliers, and the United States Consumer Productions Safety Commission.

Here are the facts: the CPSC has worked closely with us to develop, expedite and execute a plan to protect American consumers. We notified them of a potential defect in the original Note 7 batteries and then issued a global directive to stop sales immediately. To date, we have already exchanged a 130,000 units – a fast and meaningful start. And with the CPSC’s partnership, we will continue implementing corrective steps to exchange every single Note 7 on the market.

To be clear, the Note 7 with the new battery is safe. The battery cell issue is resolved. And this finding has been affirmed by a recognized independent lithium-ion battery expert. To our Note 7 owners, if you have not yet replaced your original Note 7, please, please, power it down, and return it.

[Image: George Frey/Getty Images]MG