VR advertising is coming, don’t bump your head on the ads

One of the great things about most virtual reality experiences, so far, has been the lack of advertising.

Compare that to every other online experience, and it’s been a breath of fresh air—without the ad promoting why the air is fresh.

But hold your nose: The ads are coming, most likely in the form of product placement, and they’re going to be lucrative. At least that seems to be the thinking behind the $10 million Series A investment in the previously stealth VR ads company Vertebrae.

According to Upload VR, Vertebrae announced the Series A round today, though it did not name the investors.

On Vertebrae’s website, it says that it “helps publishers monetize their content by seamlessly integrating our pioneering virtual reality ad units and analytics into interactive VR experiences and 360-degree video content.”

Upload VR also said that this was the second VR ads investment of the week. Yesterday, InstaVR said it raised $2 million to build a business around 360-degree marketing and experiential apps.