The new iMessage makes sending cash to your friends even easier 

The new iMessage iOS 10 means you’ll never need to open an app to send your friend cash again. Square Cash, Venmo, bitcoin wallet, and Circle all launched iMessage apps today so you can send cash directly within text conversation. 

To integrate these apps into your iMessage, click on the App Store icon inside iMessage next to the text bar. Then tap on the four little gray circles at the bottom of the screen, which will open the new app section. 

Hit the plus sign to add new apps. 

The next time you toss your friend some money for dinner, just open iMessage, tap the payment app of your choice, enter the amount and hit send. 

It’s worth noting that there is no PayPal app or apps from any of the major banks in iMessage—yet. Still, iMessage (and text apps in general) represents a new competition arena for those interested in laying claim to peer-to-peer payments.RR